Our Solution

Integrated System Design and Evaluation of Renewable Energy Systems

Adopting renewable energy sources can reduce your total energy cost and reduce carbon footprint. The appropriate choice of configuration requires evaluating the various system level interactions to do a feasibility assessment with cost, performance and reliability tradeoffs. We  empower individuals and businesses by bringing together theory, analysis, business practices and case studies to build your unique microgrid solution. Our solution is a model based approach towards the integrated design and economic analysis of photovoltaic, wind renewable microgrids. Starting from assessing the energy needs, we enable you to architect, design and apply appropriate analytic and simulation techniques that result in tradeoff options between performance, levelized cost and reliability for various designs.  This comprehensive approach leads to customer confidence in making informed decisions in the selection of their preferred solution that meets their specific energy requirements. Our unique approach is built on our expertise in Photovoltaics, Power Electronics, Electromechanical systems and Financial modeling developed during our doctoral and MBA studies and 20+ years of industry experience.

We help architect, analyze and optimize your unique Microgrid solution

Energy needs

  • Energy audits of power consumption.
  • Energy efficiency optimization and lifecycle assessment of energy cost.
  • Energy efficiency for buildings.

Photovoltaic Systems

  • Solar panels and power converter options- performance, efficiency, cost and reliability.
  • Battery storage and grid operation.
  • Economics of Photovoltaic systems.

Wind Energy Systems

  • Wind turbine generators, induction machines and permanent magnet synchronous machines.
  • Load flow analysis of microgrids.
  • Fault analysis of microgrids.